Mini Militia Capture Flag Apk Mod hack 2018 [ Complete Guided Tutuorial With Download Link ]

mini militia capture flag apk mod hack 2018
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When it comes in gaming hack we at Apk Mod Hub are always ready to update our user with the latest hack possible and that’s why we are back with another update of mini militia known as Mini Militia Capture Flag Apk Mod Hack 2018.

As we are Stepping slowly towards the New Year 2018 , So we thought that lets bring an hack of future.

It’s the latest Apk Mod updated to make the game more interesting and Versatile for you to play the game.

As we all know that mini militia has been among the most played played games and,

With the introduction of Mini Militia hacks it becomes more interesting for you to play the game ,

To Keep the interest of user for the game , An update of the Mini Militia ,Mini Militia Capture Flag Apk Mod Hack 2018 with various new features Has arrived for you.

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Mini Militia Capture Flag Apk Mod Hack 2018

mini militia Capture Flag Apk Mod Hack 2018 is new update update of mini militia with new features for you to play with,

In this new hack you will have new tasks & guns to introduced for killing your rivals and,

There is introduction of flag to be appointed as on your base camp according to your team colour.

mini militia capture flag apk mod hack 2018

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Tutorial Of Mini Militia Capture Flag Apk Mod Hack 2018

The Mini Militia Capture Flag Apk Mod hack 2018 Mode can only be played in Custom Server.

Kindly Follow the Steps to Play the Game without any Problem

  • Now After that Click CUSTOM 
  • Choose Server [ CS-Cv2_056013 ]
  • Join any Room or Host a Custom Room
  • You with your team mates will Always Keep On SPAWN Near a SINGLE SPOT
  • The Flag near you will be your Camp and the Colour of your flag  will be your team colour.
  • And you have to Protect your CAMP FLAG at any cost from your opponents.
  • Go slowly advancing to the other end of the map and reach to the opponents camp
  • The other end will be your opponent’s FLAG ZONE/CAMP
  • And you have to steal the Opponents flag and get back to your own camp
  • Once you Get the flag of your opponent ,Just swap your weapon and arm yourself
  • Rush Back to your Camp as soon as possible
  • After Coming to your Camp , Now place the captured flag of your opponents in your flag zone and that means that you succesfully captured their flag.
  • Also prevent your opponents from capturing your flag at any cost.
  • Death and kills dosent matter in this game.
  • You Have to try capturing your opponents flag as much as you can.
  • The Number of your opponents flag in your camp will decide your win/loss.


Video Tutorial Guide of Mini Militia Capture Flag Apk Mod Hack 2018


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Tips & Tricks of Mini Militia Capture Flag Apk Mod hack 2018
  • It’s an complete team effort requirement for winning the game.
  • You Need to forget your individual kills,skill points,suicide and betrayals while playing this mod.
  • This Complete Mod is Purely based on the team efforts.
  • Each and every player has got his own role to play.
  • And if every player do not contribute their part in the game then their team won’t win the game.
  • Its an amazing concept of complete team efforts.

mini militia capture flag apk mod hack 2018


Points to Remember
  • Not everyone should actually run for the enemy’s Flag , It should be according to Teams Strategy.
  • At Least One of the player should hold back to protect his own camp and Flag from being captured.
  • Do Not worry about the Death , you would be respawned near your base camp , So opponent would have tough time to capture your flag.
  • When you have captured your opponents flag , make sure to swap it to a weapon ,bcoz the flag can only do melee damage.
  • It even takes 5 melee hits to kill an opponent which just sucks.So always swap and equip a better gun.
  • You Need to protect the Flag Bearer because as told the one with flag has been limited with a single gun and the most easy to kill.
  • All the opponents will be on his toe to kill the flag bearer.So protect him at any cost.
  • The Victory is in his hands , So try to save save him , Get in front of your opponents and give them tough fight.
  • You Should even sacrifice your life for him to let him escape with the little time he has.
  • Never try to compete within your teammates to steal the flag because it does not matter who captures the flag.
  • The score would only go to the whole team and the individual skill depends only on your kills and death.
  • Instead of Competing with each other , give everyone a chance in each role to avoid conflict.
  • Proxy mines and gas grenades can twist the game result at anytime , Place them at flag spots and respawn spots.
Important Points
  • All the Players will spawn at a specific spot throughout the game.So no proxy mines or gas grenades would be wasted if placed in there.
  • And these time bombs will help you preventing your opponents from capturing your flag instantly.
  •  Sniper is the Most Deadly and Godly weapon in this mod.
  • In level 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 ,you can lead your team to victory with single sniper.
  • Even in the intensive multiplayer matches , Sniper can protect your team and team mates from very far range.
  • If you have flag and sniper , you wont even need your team mates to protect you because you will be able to protect yourself alone.
  • The Number of Teammates always have an advantage here.
  • And the dead opponents always keep on spawning near their camp , So just killing will not finish your job and doesn’t make any difference.
  • If you want game to be fair , then there should be equal number of player in both the teams.


Download Link Of Mini Militia Capture Flag Apk Mod Hack 2018

To Download mini militia Capture Flag Apk Mod Hack 2018 click on the link below

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Gameplay Of Mini Militia Capture Flag Apk Mod Hack 2018


Wrapping Up

To enjoy the amazing new features of the game you need to download the game from the download link above and experience new update in the game.

If you face any problem then let us know about it , So we can serve you in a better way possible for you.

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